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Passage to Asia
7 St. Yves Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad
Ranked #2 of
10 restaurants in Chaguanas
Cuisines : Chinese, Indian, Thai
Dining options : Reservations
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  STARTERS (Vegetables)  
21 Kadai Paneer
Sauteed cottage cheese mixed with bell pepper,tomato,garlic & special ground spices.
22 Malai Kofta
Minced Fresh vegetable balls sauteed in rich gravy and mildly spiced
23 Geera Aloo
Sauteed semi dry potato with geera, very spicy
24 Paneer Mushroom
Cottage cheese sauteed with mushrooms in a red sauce
25 Aloo Mutter
Cooked Potato with green peas in special Indian Spices
26 Palak Paneer
Cottage cheese sauteed with spinach in Indian spices
27 Bhindi Do Piyaza
Ochro sauteed with onions and tomatoes
28 Plain Palak
Spinach sauteed with garlic,geera and light curry
29 Vegetable Makhanwala 
Mixed vegetables cooked in a butter and tomato sauce
30 Navratan Kurma
Mixed vegetables and dry fruit sauteed in a white wine gravy
31 Vegetable Kurma
Mixed vegetables sauteed with coconut and cashew nuts in a thick gravy
32 Paneer Butter Masala
Sauteed in butter & tomato gravy 
33 Mutter Paneer
Paneer cooked with fresh cottage cheese, tender green peas & Indian spices
34 Aloo Gobhi
Sauteed cauliflower and Potato with special herbs & spices
35 Shai Paneer
Sauted with tomato, onion,fresh paneer and fresh Indian spices
36 Paneer Tikka Masala
Paneer roasted in Tandoor and cooked with tomato gravy, also spicy
37 Butter Chicken
Chicken grilled and cooked in butter tomato sauce
38 Tikka Masala Chicken
Boneless chicken tikka sauteed in tomato and Indian spices
39 Chicken Vindaloo
Boneless chicken cooked with potato, very hot & spicy
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